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Valve promises Steam Deck 2

Steam Deck 2

Valve will release a Steam Deck 2 in the future, according to an eBook on the mobile gaming PC and SteamOS.

The free pamphlet (which Gaming On Linux flagged) makes it obvious in multiple places that there will be a successor to the Steam Deck. The chapter title suggests “new Steam Decks” and SteamOS updates.

Valve states, “We’ll upgrade Steam Deck’s hardware and software in the future and release new versions.”

Later, the company says the Steam Deck is a “multi-generational product line” and it will “develop additional generations to be even more open and competent than the first one.” Hence it’s already open and capable.

Valve seeks Steam Deck 2 feedback

It’s fantastic to hear Valve announce a future sequel to the Steam Deck. While the business has said this before, it’s clearer this time that there will be numerous generations.

In the brochure, Valve asks what gamers want to see in a future Steam Deck, and we’ve already gotten some hints. These range from the obvious, like making the Steam Deck 2 more powerful, to the less obvious, like something VR-related Gabe Newell has stated.

Therefore, Valve’s long-term intentions for the Steam Deck should come as no surprise, given the handheld’s popularity (and still-ongoing pre-order wait) and critical acclaim. Maybe we’ll start hearing about Steam Deck 2 features and hardware soon.

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