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We came close to making a Breaking Bad video game

Breaking Bad

Now that Better Call Saul is nearly finished, the Breaking Bad series seems quiet. Vince Gilligan hasn’t ruled out future projects, but he says he has no additional Breaking Bad projects in mind. If things had gone differently, we may have had a very different follow-up. Gilligan considered a Breaking Bad video game. The project never took off, therefore we won’t see it soon.

Eric Broadbent’s Inside the Gilliverse podcast featured Gilligan’s opinions on a video game. Gilligan’s shows are down-to-earth crime dramas involving charismatic crooks, said Broadbent. He asked Gilligan if Breaking-Bad had considered a video game.

Gilligan: “There have been many video game attempts.” Some were sold. Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements was a mobile resource-management game for a year. There haven’t been any further games since.

Gilligan seems particularly excited about a potential collaboration with Sony using PlayStation VR to immerse players in the Breaking Bad’s universe.

Gilligan stated, “We tried a PSVR VR experience.” He also mentions Better Call Saul producer Jenn Carroll, who “wrote three or four storylines for video games, including VR.” It took several man-hours.

He said, “Making a video game is hard.” When developing VR, it takes years and millions of dollars. Gilligan reminded Broadbent that fans want excellence from the property, and a lousy video game tie-in, like E.T. on the Atari 2600, wouldn’t fly.

Gilligan: “Don’t hold your breath for a video game.” One comment could give stalwarts hope. “It still makes sense to me,” Gilligan said of a Grand Theft Auto-style video game.

If a Breaking Bad game makes sense to the show’s creator, maybe a big-budget developer will agree.

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