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When will Volition’s new take on Saints Row 

Saints Row 

Saints Row rebirth is almost here, and if you’re visiting Santo Ileso next week, you may be wondering when it’ll premiere.

Volition’s Saints Row reboot is more serious than Saints Row 4, but you may still humiliate mobsters in potty potties. Boss Factory, the game’s character builder, was praised as a powerful tool for representation in our hands-on preview.

We know when the entire release will be available. Video game doesn’t have early access, each platform releases on August 23, but Volition tells us when it’ll be available.

The Third Relaunch

As opposed to Madden 23, Saints Row does not have a simultaneous release date. It launches at midnight on August 23 in all time zones, as announced by Volition on Twitter. While this simplifies matters, it also means that people in Australia will be able to play it far sooner than those in, example, the United States.

Even better, Volition has announced that those who have pre-ordered game on Xbox platforms can begin loading the game. Unfortunately, the PlayStation version is still in development and will be released soon. Note that Volition says it will be live 48 hours before the release date, which is August 21.

Saints Row is landing for the PlayStation 5, Xbox One X|S, and Google Stadia, but not the Nintendo Switch. While Volition has stated that pre-loading is not an option “due to some technical problems,” the game will be made available on PC through the Epic Games Store in addition to the PS4 and Xbox One versions from previous generations.

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