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Wix needs more portfolio sites soon


Wix released a portfolio website builder with configurable layouts to simplify online collection creation.

Wix Portfolio, now localised into a number of tongues, allows users to alter the appearance of their site without individually updating each project page.

Web designers may use the Wix Owner App to access the new feature and start updating and managing their portfolio websites immediately.

Revamping the Portfolio Website Creator

Existing portfolio projects made on external sites, such Dribbble, Instagram, DeviantArt, and Google Photos, can be synced with Wix Portfolio.

Moreover, websites built with Wix Portfolio will automatically reflect any changes made to the synchronised channels.

Wix’s SVP of Mobile, App Market, and Strategic Products Ronny Elkayam explained that the company “recognised the need to expand on our existing portfolio offering to provide a more intuitive solution for users to create and display their work, and eventually build upon it to market themselves and monetize their work”.

Putting together a portfolio, even a simple one, can be difficult; but, with Wix Portfolio, users have access to more professional tools and state-of-the-art design elements, allowing them to do so in a short amount of time.

In addition to the standard Wix features like changing the font and adding menus, the new offering also enables users to add services and accept bookings directly on the portfolio site they’ve made.

According to stats, nearly half of all users have a portfolio section on their sites. Wix, a website builder, claims that the new solution would enable customers to devote less time and energy to the web design process, in keeping with the company’s ongoing commitment to accelerating the website-building process.

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