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Zoom may launch an email app


According to rumours, Zoom is developing a wide variety of new software solutions, making it more difficult than ever to get away from the platform.

The Information reported that the video conferencing company is developing an email service and calendar app to broaden and consolidate its software behemoth status.

It has been speculated that the so-called Zmail and Zcal solutions have been in development for around two years, and that they might launch within the next few weeks, providing the corporation with a potentially massive new consumer opportunity.

Email app by Zoom

As a result, Zoom would hope to compete more effectively with companies like Microsoft and Google that produce and operate its main rivals in the video calling industry.

Zoom could integrate a scheduling and planning service across its apps by releasing a calendar app, which seems like a logical next step for the company. However, email may be more challenging, as popular business email clients such as Gmail and Outlook have a large market share.

Many in the business predicted that Zoom would falter when workers returned to the workplace after the app’s use spiked during the outbreak.

Nevertheless, despite rising levels of competition from services like Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, the company’s performance has remained strong in recent months.

According to its most recent financial results, the company earned $1.1 billion in Q2 2023, an increase of 8% year over year. Additionally, the number of clients paying more than $100,000 annually for subscriptions increased by 37%.

To compete with popular alternatives like Slack and Microsoft Teams, the corporation has also just revamped its chat software.

In-meeting text chat for video calls, quicker meeting setup, a new Reminders feature, Progressive Web App compatibility, and improved third-party app integration are all part of the new Zoom Teams Chat.

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